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Meet Your Team! Lead Community Manager “Bartek”

A few weeks ago, right after the holidays we introduced you to our team. Yet instead of focusing on the people, we broke this information down to the structure.  While this sheds some light into how we work it lacks the human perspective.

So we decided to change that this week with the first post of Meet Your Team! We kick these blogposts off with our Lead Community Manager Bartłomiej Wawro.



Who is? Where is he from? What’s his experience? Read the short bio below to get all the answers you need:

Name: Bartłomiej Wawro (but people call him “Bartek”, just to make it easier)

From: Poland.

Experience Prior to Current Position: mostly media; a college radio station, a “normal” radio station and a magazine about mountains (hiking, climbing etc.). Continue reading Meet Your Team! Lead Community Manager “Bartek”

Peer’s Top 10 Player Portraits

As the week enters its last half, we’ve reached the point where choosing can seem like a colossal task; especially when it’s between our favorite things. But the Forge of Empires team never quits, so we sat down with our Game Designer for another round of Peer’s Top 10.

This week we asked him two simple questions, what are your favorite player portraits and why? Here are his answers, hope you enjoy!

1)      Drowned Jack


This portrait is from the “evil” ending of last year’s Valentine’s event. That ending, where Jack and Rose did not come together in the end, with a tragic outcome for Jack… ohhh… a great portrait for all the people out there that hate Titanic.


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Forge of Empires’ Top 10 Buildings According to the Game Designer

Let’s face it, Forge of Empires appeals to people for a variety of reasons. Yet one of its biggest perks is the variety of buildings players can choose as they go through the ages. Although we know that people have their individual preferences and everyone might not agree, we wanted to know the Game Designer’s opinion. So we asked Peer Kröger two simple questions: What are your top 10 favorite FOE buildings? And why?

Here are the results; enjoy:

1 .Amusement Park (Modern Era)


I love the details, the action, the colors, everything. Even the way the animations work… our graphic artists reveal their remarkable talents here. Also, I am a big fan of hidden “Easter Eggs” and references, and there are quite a few in this building…

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L.A. Times? The New York Times? Forge Times!

Hey Lords and Ladies,

Today I would like to introduce you to a fan project from the German Forge of Empires community: Three months ago, a couple of fans banded together to create the first fan magazine for our favourite game: The Forge Times. Since then, four editions already appeared. The magazine includes information about new updates, interviews and competitions with great prizes.

We’re very glad to have such dedicated fans, and of course try to support them with partners for interviews, graphics and stuff for competitions and lotteries. The Forge Times are only available in German so far – if you’re interested in doing something similar in other languages, we’d appreciate and support your efforts as well – You can see the newest edition here and check how it’s done:

Here is an interview with Daniel, the chief editor of The Forge Times:

Please introduce yourself

Hey, my name is Daniel (Joker 1544), I’m 17 years old and I’m living in NRW, near to Oberhausen. At the moment I’m training to be a laboratory assistant. My hobbies are swimming, meeting friends and videogames.


How did you get in touch with Forge of Empires?

I found a bonus code for Forge of Empires in the german game magazine „Computer Bild Spiele“. I really liked it right from the beginning, so I’m still playing.


Since when are you playing?

I’m playing since the Open Beta.


How often are you playing Forge of Empires?

As soon as my pc is on, I start to play Forge of Empires. Most of the time it runs in the background, so I can regularly collect supplies and gold. I also have my own guild; therefore I look for new players and help out my mates.

Also my neighbors get regular visits from my troops….


What do you like most about the game?

I like the way how InnoGames managed to connect city-building and strategy parts of the game. In contrast to Grepolis or Tribal Wars, you don’t have to fight other players to proceed and reach new ages. Forge of Empires is more about cooperation, which you can see for example in the new feature, the Great Buildings.


What are your wishes for the future of Forge of Empires?

More variety. Only PvP and collecting resources is quiet boring after a while. I’m looking forward to the new guild wars and all the other cool features that will hopefully release soon.


How did you come up with the idea to produce a Forge of Empires fan magazine?

That was a spontaneous idea. I realized that Forge of Empires had no own fan magazine, so I asked several CoMas for support. Their reaction was very positive and so I started to work.


From where do you get the ideas for the articles?

We have several categories in every edition for example Updates or Interviews. At the beginning of a month I write a plan for new articles to my editors. But some of our articles we write spontaneously or we got questions from our readers that we’d like to answer.


What are your plans with your magazine?

Our goal is to reach more readers and to become an important information source for all Forge of Empires fans.


Tell everything you want

I would like to thank my editors, David, Nico, Julian and our tech guru Andy. I also wish to extend a big thank you to InnoGames for the great game and support.

Meet the People Behind Forge of Empires: Gordon, Lead Community Manager

After the open beta of Forge of Empires was launched a few weeks ago, the game has picked up its pace. In less than a month, more than 250,000 players have registered to become mighty rulers! With further language versions starting in the upcoming days, even more players will get the chance to experience the game firsthand; And with a growing number of players also comes an increase in player feedback. Because our players’ problems, opinions and their feedback are very important to us, we employ a large number of dedicated people – called community managers – which you guys can talk to. You probably already even know some of them from our forums. So today we sat down with Gordon, the lead community manager of Forge of Empires and talked with him about his daily work, his responsibilities as well as his impressions of the Forge of Empires community. Continue reading Meet the People Behind Forge of Empires: Gordon, Lead Community Manager

Meet the People behind Forge of Empires: Jan, Lead Developer

As all of you should know by now, the open beta of Forge of Empires successfully started a couple of days ago. Finally, every single one of you guys is able to enjoy our game, which we are very proud of. We would like to thank you all for the overwhelmingly positive feedback. In the future we will continue to focus on improving the game, fixing bugs and also adding new features. Of course we would not be able to do this without all of our passionate developers. Therefore, I will give you more exclusive insights into how it is like working on Forge of Empires here at InnoGames. This is why I meet with Jan – Lead Developer of the game and talked with him about his responsibilities and his daily work. Continue reading Meet the People behind Forge of Empires: Jan, Lead Developer

Meet the People behind Forge of Empires: Tobias, Lead Artist

In the last couple of months I have provided you with a lot of facts and information about the current and upcoming features of Forge of Empires. Today I would like to give you some exclusive insights into how it is like working on Forge of Empires here at InnoGames. So in the upcoming weeks, we will introduce you to a number of different people, which are working on delivering you the best possible experience with our game. As we are very proud of our graphics and the level of detail achieved within Forge of Empires, my first choice was to talk with someone who is responsible for the graphical design of the game. So I sat down with Tobias – our Lead Artist for Forge of Empires, discussing his work and the beautiful graphics of Forge of Empires.

Continue reading Meet the People behind Forge of Empires: Tobias, Lead Artist