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Galileo arrives in your city!

Galileo Galilei was a universal genius. He lived during the italian renaissance and has often been referred to as the “father of astronomy, science and physics”. Galileo Galilei was a scientific giant and many of his discoveries astounded and changed the world. Most importantly, his life teaches us to have the curiosity to question the world around us and the courage to fight for the truth.

Play the Galileo Galilei questline and relive the days of the scientific revolution!

If you manage to complete all quests you will win;

A new avatar!

And a new building producing static defense boost, coins and Forge point when motivated!


Tell us what do you think about this historical questline in comments, and thank you for playing Forge of Empires!

Poo poo pi doo!

Dear players,

You surely recognized the subject of this article in the title. Marilyn Monroe enters the glorious list of characters who have marked their time and are the subject of an historical questline.  Her cult songs and quotes, her relationship with kennedy, her legendary beauty, the legend Marilyn Monroe continues to shine into the world of pop culture.

Once you have completed all quests you will win a magnificent building that will allow you to produce supplies, goods, medals or Forge points!

How did you find this event?

The Montgolfier brothers are flying towards your city!


Make way, make way! Pretty soon a real hot air balloon is about to land in your city! On board are the famous Montgolfier brothers, bringing you a new historical questline and prepared to leave their balloon in your city if you’re able to complete all of their quests in time! This will be the second part of your “Baroque Garden Set”. But who exactly are these brothers?

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Mary Stuart, Queen of Scots


As you might have already heard, in a short while you will unfold the story of Mary Stuart, Queen of Scots by playing Forge of Empires. She is a remarkable person in the history of Great Britain for she became queen at only 6 days old when her father, King James V of Scotland, died. Although she became queen immediately, the coronation only took place after 9 months. Let’s dive a little deeper into her life! Continue reading Mary Stuart, Queen of Scots

Attention rulers: The famous Leonardo da Vinci will be visiting your city!

Clean the streets, water the flowers and put on your best clothes – one of the most famous people in world history is doing us the honor of visiting our cities! None less than universal genius Leonardo da Vinci will come to your city, and he has something with him: for all of you who are still searching for blueprints, da Vinci has a surprise in store! He is willing to give you blueprints for buildings which are you current era or lower in exchange for some medals.

Therefore, your chances to build some of the Great Buildings will improve even more! But act fast… Da Vinci is on the move and he will only stay in your city until February 10th.

Until then, you should win some tournaments, earn medals and say hello to da Vinci for me!