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Peer’s Top 10 Player Portraits

As the week enters its last half, we’ve reached the point where choosing can seem like a colossal task; especially when it’s between our favorite things. But the Forge of Empires team never quits, so we sat down with our Game Designer for another round of Peer’s Top 10.

This week we asked him two simple questions, what are your favorite player portraits and why? Here are his answers, hope you enjoy!

1)      Drowned Jack


This portrait is from the “evil” ending of last year’s Valentine’s event. That ending, where Jack and Rose did not come together in the end, with a tragic outcome for Jack… ohhh… a great portrait for all the people out there that hate Titanic.


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Forge of Empires’ Top 10 Buildings According to the Game Designer

Let’s face it, Forge of Empires appeals to people for a variety of reasons. Yet one of its biggest perks is the variety of buildings players can choose as they go through the ages. Although we know that people have their individual preferences and everyone might not agree, we wanted to know the Game Designer’s opinion. So we asked Peer Kröger two simple questions: What are your top 10 favorite FOE buildings? And why?

Here are the results; enjoy:

1 .Amusement Park (Modern Era)


I love the details, the action, the colors, everything. Even the way the animations work… our graphic artists reveal their remarkable talents here. Also, I am a big fan of hidden “Easter Eggs” and references, and there are quite a few in this building…

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Attention Kings and Queens: Be prepared for a very special Valentines event!

All years again, we celebrate St. Valentine’s Day on February 14. Worldwide, this date stands for the celebration of love and harmony, of course also in Forge of Empires. But this year everything has changed: Instead of Love and Peace everywhere, the most tragical Lovers of all times will visit you from February 11 – Romeo and Juliet. As you know, those two star-crossed lovers have a hard time being a couple, is your turn to help them to achieve their first ever happy ending! For variation, the quest differs depending on the gender of your avatar, so you will be asked for help by Romeo or Juliet. You have one week to solve the problems of our Lovers and bind them in love and harmony again.

And that’s really worth it: In addition to the priceless feeling of doing the right thing, you can look forward to a great unique building! So you have good reasons to do your best and prevent their well-known tragic end.

And now: Put out your handkerchiefs, Romeo and Juliet are counting on you!

Forge of Empires and Grepolis are nominated at the 2013 MMO Awards!

Last week, we received some great news from Game Genetics: Our games Forge of Empires and Grepolis were nominated at the MMO Awards 2013. You can vote for them in the categories “Best Strategy Browser MMO” and “Best Classic Browser MMO”. The voting phase ends on February 15.

The prize for Best MMO is already being awarded for the eighth time and its one of the biggest prizes you can get in our business. In the recent years, InnoGames was already rewarded for different games – for example, Grepolis won the jury prize for “Best Classic Browser MMO” 2012.

With your help, maybe we are able to win again!

Turning the Wheel of Time…

Hey guys,

Finally I could complete my long planned time-lapse video of Forge of Empires. I proudly present the development of my city from the Stone Age to the Colonial Age in two minutes!

To create this magnificent metropolis, I used an internal server and recorded my whole playing time. I totally focused on constructing my city so you won’t see any battles. I am very excited about your feedback, maybe you even started a similar project? Let me know!

But enough talk for now! You can check out my video here:


Great Buildings and European Games Award – We’d love you to love us!

There are lots of reasons to love Forge of Empires at the moment: as you might have seen, we published the first four pictures of our upcoming Great Buildings. Below you can see the Colosseum, St. Basil’s Cathedral, and Chichén Itzá.

We’ll of course have several more buildings, in the game, most of them legendary structures from various ages – but some will be completely new, unique designs by our artists!

If you are eager to get one of those buildings in your city, you have to collect blueprints in the game. Afterwards, the help of your friends and fellow guild members is needed to construct them.

Upon completion, the Great Buildings will provide significant stat boosts. Helping somebody to complete their Great Building brings rewards as well. We aim at implementing the feature within the next few weeks, so stay tuned!

Also, the European Games Awards are still running until Monday 13. Of August, 23:59 h. Forge of Empires was nominated as Best Browsergame, and we really need your help in order to win.As a cool incentive, we created a decoration especially for this event:

Every player will receive one, if we win, so help us become Browser Game of the year by voting on and you all can put this price up in your city! Show the world that you support Forge of Empires!

Welcome to Forge of Empires!

Hello future Lords and Ladies and welcome to Forge of Empires,

Have you ever dreamt of being the Ruler of a vast realm? Reigning over a small stone age village and turning it into the greatest metropolis ever built? Seeing your city evolve and change over the course of centuries? Trade, research, create mighty armies and face your opponents on the battlefield? Forge of Empires will make your dreams come true! Continue reading Welcome to Forge of Empires!