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Galileo arrives in your city!

Galileo Galilei was a universal genius. He lived during the italian renaissance and has often been referred to as the “father of astronomy, science and physics”. Galileo Galilei was a scientific giant and many of his discoveries astounded and changed the world. Most importantly, his life teaches us to have the curiosity to question the world around us and the courage to fight for the truth.

Play the Galileo Galilei questline and relive the days of the scientific revolution!

If you manage to complete all quests you will win;

A new avatar!

And a new building producing static defense boost, coins and Forge point when motivated!


Tell us what do you think about this historical questline in comments, and thank you for playing Forge of Empires!

Poo poo pi doo!

Dear players,

You surely recognized the subject of this article in the title. Marilyn Monroe enters the glorious list of characters who have marked their time and are the subject of an historical questline.  Her cult songs and quotes, her relationship with kennedy, her legendary beauty, the legend Marilyn Monroe continues to shine into the world of pop culture.

Once you have completed all quests you will win a magnificent building that will allow you to produce supplies, goods, medals or Forge points!

How did you find this event?

Turturret : the new unit of the Oceanic Future!

Hi guys!

Today we will look at the new unit of the Oceanic Future. This units of artillery type are very appreciated by all of you (like the rail gun isn’t it?) and rightly because they are powerful units that are very effective on the battlefield. And those Turturrets are incredible!

You will love to use them in combat. Their special ability: mortar, is a new ability that makes its appearance in the game. Turturret shots will also cause 50% damage to the units within a tile/tiles range around the target unit! Amazing right?

Tell us in comments what do you think about this new unit.

5 Years of Forge of Empires!

Can you believe that Forge of Empires is celebrating its 5th anniversary this year?
We went through many ups and downs and achieved numerous milestones since 2012. We would like to thank you for playing Forge of Empires and for supporting us during the last five years :). We’d also like to extend our special thanks to all of the regular forum members who constantly provide us with feedback, as well as supporters and moderators, who helped make the community what it is today :).

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The new version of the Future : Oceanic Future!

Are you also having an increasingly hard time bearing the cold  in the Arctic future?

Then it’s time to explore a new version of the future! This time the game takes you into the dark abyss of the ocean!

The ocean will experience an unusual seismic activity that will change the world as we know it. The human mind must be resourceful to tame its new environment. Your engineers, workers and scientists should exceed to find technologies and buildings adapted to this new world, because they may have years of experience in construction on land, but the ocean is full of other challenges!


For example, look at these totally new units in the oceanic future:


Want to see more? Okay, here is also a Great Building that you can build in this new era:

The new Oceanic-style buildings look incredible, don’t they? Tell us what you think of the oceanic future in the comments below!

Christmas time is in the air!

Ho Ho Ho!

Your favourite event is already available on Beta, so it’s time for a small retrospective!

The last years you could participate in our traditional Winter Event in Forge of Empires. This event brings a Winter Shop in which you can use Winter Stars to open presents! The quests were and are the main source of winter stars, but stars are also hidden in gifts. This year we will bring something new: the Town Hall will produce daily stars too!

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