Forge of Empires: Suggest a Great Building and become immortalized in the game!

Forge of Empires takes you on a journey through the Ages. Starting with a primitive settlement in the Stone Age, your city evolves through the dark middles ages to a huge settlement in the industrial age. Each era, its own style and architecture are being visualized in an especially impressive way by the magnificent Great Buildings. For the new age we’re planning, our developers had a great idea: We no longer want to decide on our own which Buildings will be included in the game. We want you to be involved in this process. Therefore you have the chance to help us choosing a new Great Building by making a suggestion in the Forge of Empires forum. The first one who suggests the winning buildings will win the prestige of seeing their names added to Forge of Empires, in the buildings’ description!

As soon as the contest is over, we’ll pick a handful of suggestions and you can vote for your favorite building to be included in the game.

This is how you do it: First, you have to register in the forum. Once you’ve registered, you can post your suggestion in the contest thread. These are the rules: Your suggestion must have been built between 1880 and 1930. Its only allowed to entry one suggestion per person. Do not repeat previous suggestions. Only the first entry for a suggested structure will be valid. You can look forward to great prizes:

  • If you are the first person from all game countries to suggest the chosen Great Building your name will be immortalized in Forge of Empires, in the Great Building’s description!
  • If you are the first person in the national contest who suggested the winning buildings, you will gain  a Full set of blueprints for a Great building of their choice, 3000 Diamonds and
    20 of each Good from player’s current Age.
  • We will give 1000 Diamonds and two Blueprints of the player’s choice to ten players who had great suggestions that we didn’t choose.

But be quick: The event ends on the 25th of March. Good Luck!

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Forge of Empires: The Easter bunny arrived!

Did you already see the golden egg icons hovering over your decorations? They were not placed randomly by the Easter bunny, but they are part of our new Easter event in Forge of Empires. But that’s not all: You can look forward to special quests, the new action, “Hide Easter Eggs”, and a unique Easter Egg trade-in shop. But one thing at a time:

During the event, Easter eggs will be introduced as a new collectible resource. A graphic shows you how many eggs you have already collected. There are two ways to gather Easter eggs: Either you solve the special Easter quests and gain eggs as rewards, or you collect eggs other players have placed in your city. You can find hidden eggs with the already mentioned golden symbols. When you want to hide Easter eggs you can use the new hide Easter eggs action. To do so, visit a neighbor’s city and click on the new positive action. Just like with Forge Points, you have a hide eggs counter, which increments by one each hour, but there is a limit of six actions in the action bar. So choose wisely which neighbor you want to surprise.

So let’s talk about the new trade in shop:

Here you can exchange your eggs for pretty cool units, items and buildings. My personal favorites are the wishing well and a new unit, the rogue. The wishing well generates something at random. This could be Forge Points or supplies, but also diamonds! Very useful! The rogue is a new unit type with special abilities and, in my opinion, he is one of the most powerful units in Forge of Empires. Here is why: If the rogue is getting attacked, the initial damage is ignored completely. Instead, the Rogue transforms into a random other unit of your army. Isn’t this awesome?

To make the whole event and the new unit more clear to you, please find below a video. Enjoy!


The event will run until April 3rd. After it ends, the trader will remain available for a further week and leave on April 10th, giving you an opportunity to trade any remaining eggs.

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Full steam ahead – The first weekend playing the Industrial Age

Last week we introduced to you a new era for our strategy game Forge of Empires: The Industrial Age. There are a lot of cool features such as new buildings and units which are waiting to be explored by you. And there is even more: Our developers created a whole new campaign map with a lot of huge provinces. Great battles are guaranteed! On the weekend I finally had the time to play the new age extensively and I’m really excited! The new buildings look great in my city and it steams and hisses all over the place.

My personal favorite is the rubber plant with the conveyor and the huge steaming boiler. It’s hard to believe that only a short time ago an old windmill stood on the same place. But this constitutes the special appeal of Forge of Empires: My city is changing permanently and I’m always working on new tasks. I will now focus on the new campaign and capture some provinces. Maybe after I conquered the new world I’m powerful enough to build the Royal Albert Hall…


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Best Strategy Browser MMO 2013: Forge of Empires!!!

Browser games are our passion. Every single day we give our best to develop new great games and improve our existing ones. Enthusiastic players are the reward we get for our work. The happier are we if we get awarded for our efforts!

And this is exactly what just occurred. Our strategy game Forge of Empires won the jury award in the category ”Best Strategy Browser MMO 2013“ at the „MMO of the Year Awards“. Our whole team was very glad and honored about this decision. We see the award as an incentive to continue to improve the game and making it even better. All for one reason -  to make our players happy!

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Attention Kings and Queens: Be prepared for a very special Valentines event!

All years again, we celebrate St. Valentine’s Day on February 14. Worldwide, this date stands for the celebration of love and harmony, of course also in Forge of Empires. But this year everything has changed: Instead of Love and Peace everywhere, the most tragical Lovers of all times will visit you from February 11 – Romeo and Juliet. As you know, those two star-crossed lovers have a hard time being a couple, is your turn to help them to achieve their first ever happy ending! For variation, the quest differs depending on the gender of your avatar, so you will be asked for help by Romeo or Juliet. You have one week to solve the problems of our Lovers and bind them in love and harmony again.

And that’s really worth it: In addition to the priceless feeling of doing the right thing, you can look forward to a great unique building! So you have good reasons to do your best and prevent their well-known tragic end.

And now: Put out your handkerchiefs, Romeo and Juliet are counting on you!

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The chimneys start smoking, railways are clattering – The Industrial Age dawns in Forge of Empires

It has been rumored for a while, but now it’s official: The next era will lead us to the Industrial Age! For the first time we can take a look at some buildings – and they look really impressive:

You can already recognize that the production buildings have become significantly more modern. They show first attempts of mass-production what I think is really cool. The museum is an example of the upcoming science of the era and the hunger for knowledge. It will be interesting to see which new technologies were researchable in the Industrial Age. Until now, only ballistics, precision tools, and modern chemistry were officially announced, but I think there is a lot more to come!

One of the main features of the Industrial Age is the completely new campaign. It is set in The New World and includes more than 70 new quests. And the best part is, not only are the quests new, but even the campaign map is untouched. This will be very interesting for players, who have already discovered all provinces of our old map. So be prepared and train your army! Speaking of army – with the upcoming Industrial Age, the weapons technology developed. I’m really excited what weapons are usable in the new era.

Unfortunately the most important question remains: When will the Industrial Age be released? There is no final answer, but I think it won’t take much longer….

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Forge of Empires on Linux: How it works!

Forge of Empires on Linux: How it’s works!

In the last several days, I received a lot of mails regarding Forge of Empires and Linux. At the moment, it’s not possible to play Forge of Empires on Firefox, Opera or any other browser except Google Chrome. This is caused by the Flash player 11.3 which is not supported for Linux. First of all we have to say “sorry” to you! Unfortunately, we have no influence on Adobes software support. But we know about the problem and we are working on it!

For the moment, the only way to play Forge of Empires on Linux is to use the Google Chrome Browser! This browser contains the Flash player 11.3 and therefore it’s ready to play Forge of Empires.

I hope this instruction helps you to play Forge of Empires on Linux!

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A better overview and lots of bug fixes: Forge of Empires 0.25 released!

Maybe you’ve seen it: Recently a lot of things happened to our favorite game: We released the Great Building, Da Vinci visited our cities and we implemented a trading system for blueprints.

But whoever thinks that our developers will take a break from Forge now is dead wrong: Today we released version 0.25 which includes several cool features: Aside from a lot of small improvements, especially PvP-fans can really looking forward to this update:

From now on, you will have an overview of your PvP tournaments in the event history screen. In the same screen, you also see your current rank in the different tournaments. So now you are able to react if you want to improve your rank and you won’t lose the overview about your tournaments.

Another practical feature especially for me: A confirmation window will now appear when you want to sell your buildings and the sale must be reconfirmed before the building is deleted. So the chance to sell a Great Building accidentally is really low now…

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New Forge of Empires world populated successfully – we present the winners of the Houndsmoor Jump Start Competition!

Already last week, we opened the eighth kingdom “Houndsmoor” in Forge of Empires. Of course I have already led my people from Stone Age to Colonial Age, but I was really looking forward to starting again from scratch. In order to increase the incentive to begin a new game for you too, we decided to start the Houndsmoor Jump Start Competition! The goal was to reach 4000 Points and the Early Middle Ages as fast as possible. Besides fame and glory, the champion was bestowed with 600 Diamonds!

Much faster than we dare imagined and way too fast for me, you made it!

Congratulation to “Idense” who was the first in the group of premium players! Without using Diamonds, “Turbovcielka“ fulfilled our victory conditions!

Greatly impressed and kind of envious I will focus on my own empire now. My people want to leave the Bronze Age someday…

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Forge of Empires and Grepolis are nominated at the 2013 MMO Awards!

Last week, we received some great news from Game Genetics: Our games Forge of Empires and Grepolis were nominated at the MMO Awards 2013. You can vote for them in the categories “Best Strategy Browser MMO” and “Best Classic Browser MMO”. The voting phase ends on February 15.

The prize for Best MMO is already being awarded for the eighth time and its one of the biggest prizes you can get in our business. In the recent years, InnoGames was already rewarded for different games – for example, Grepolis won the jury prize for “Best Classic Browser MMO” 2012.

With your help, maybe we are able to win again!

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