Forge of Empires

Forge of Empires is a browser-based strategy game that lets you create your own city and accompany it from the beginning of the Stone Age onward throughout the centuries. Build structures typical of the epoch. Enlarge your sphere of influence through military campaigns and skillful dealings. With a powerful army and the right tactics, you will subjugate your enemies and forge a vast empire.

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With more than 75 million registered players, InnoGames is one of the worldwide leading developers and publishers of free-to-play online games. With over 180 employees, we are daily working to improve our existing games and to create new ones. A high quality, long term motivation and gaming fun are very important for us in this aspect. Tribal Wars, Grepolis and The West belong to the best known titles, InnoGames has published so far.

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  2. Hello, I wish to become admin, or moderator of game or forum is possible?

    If so then please contact me by email(rotaru.andrei98@yahoo.com)
    Ps: I will give details about me in the registration form


  3. I want to say thank you very much for the job you have made in writing this blog post. I am hoping the same perfect job by you down the road also.

  4. Dadou97460

    Hello! I am French, and I would like to know if he(it) would have a date of exit(release) of the game(set,play) in Frenchman(French people) there…
    Thank you:)

  5. Likeable

    ok i am playing Forge of Empires, i see that some things require diamonds. so i can not find, how to trade for, convert or add them. i see the add diamond on top bar, but when i open it i get an inset that is a blank page. also the tutorial is way behind me. i built a second pottery before i had the city planner, so now i must sell the pottery, then build it again, to see what is next.

  6. Spillmann

    The game is interesting… but it’s build for collecting money..
    From a certain moment players need diamonds to really continue to grow.
    That’s not really correct… on the other hand, I understand … developing games like this costs money… but I am not happy with your information politics about the cost for the gamers.

    • innogames

      Hi Spillmann, thank you for your comment. It is very important for us that all players have fun playing Forge of Empires, wether or not they are buying diamonds. Therefore we try to ballance our game as best as possible. Players can progress through the ages and reach every age without buying diamonds. So diamonds will only give you a time advantage, letting you progress through the ages a little bit quicker.

      • Derp

        What about researching technologies that require diamonds? That’s not fair that we are limited into what we can build. I’m fine with diamonds if their only purpose is speeding up time or whatever else similar.

        • innogames

          Hi Derp,

          thank you for your comment. The only technology that requires diamonds are Multistory Houses. All other technologies can be researched and unlocked without them.

          • Melanodraco

            Ive really enjoyed playing this game, but the screen doesnt show up all the way and screen boxes are cut. Recently fullscreen has been the solution to that problem but for some reason when i click the button it does not go to fullscreen. Its not working. Ive restarted my computer, shut it down, logged out, ive explored every known solution but nothing works. Please help fix this problem so i may enjoy the game fully. Thanks.

          • innogames

            Hi Melanodraco,

            sorry for the inconvenience. If you have problems in the game, please report them in the bug report section of our forum at: http://forum.en.forgeofempires.com/forumdisplay.php?33-Bug-Report-section or submit a support ticket by right clicking in-game and then selecting support.

          • Zondivan

            It looks like Craftwork requires diamonds to complete……..

          • innogames

            Hi Zondivan,

            to unlock craftwork in Forge of Empires, you need two pieces of marble and lumber. No diamonds are required for unlocking it.

          • How do you gain forge points without buying them with diamonds?

          • lee

            i have been trying to get on to my city but after i have put my username and password it asks me to choose the world so i click on the orange one and it just refreshes the page back to the home page it has been doing this now for about 1 and a half weeks and i am starting to get very frusytrated over this matter please could someone get in touch with me via my email address regarding this . thank you

          • rc jackson

            why does any tech need diamonds?? its ridiculous…..

      • This could be good but I cannot find a way to move buildings… essential having put things in the wrong place initially.. to progress I need to build a slingshot centre but don’t have the right space unless I move a couple fo obstructinos. Also, I never got my introductory 30 diamonds anf the “re-send” button doesn’t work…

        • innogames

          Hi Barry,

          You can move building after you have opened the building menu. Then, on the top of your screen right under your forge points, the move icon should appear. If you did not received your introductory diamonds, please write a support ticket by right-clicking in-game and then selecting support.

    • pecoraro

      exact après beug j’ai investi plus de 40.euros pour rien problème d’identifiant ne me reconnais plus sympas

  7. Steve

    Hi, noticed a bug. When you sell some buildings, you don’t get the citizens back. I also checked the amount of total citizens I have, and the amount of citizens I require for all buildings, they don’t add up.

  8. Ademy

    como faço para eliminar uma construção?

    • innogames

      Hi Ademy, you can delete buildings by selling them. But you can also move buildings. Just click on the tools button and then choose whether selling or moving them.

  9. CabbageTheFirst

    i love your game but i got bug that makes me unable to see the continent map. This is kinda stopping me from exploring the game. help plz

    • innogames

      Hi CabbageTheFirst,

      thank you for submitting us this bug. We forwarded your problem to our developers. Please keep in mind, that the best way to report bugs and ask for help is in the forum at: http://forum.en.forgeofempires.com/ as our developers constantly monitor the forum.

  10. Wike,Raymond

    I really like the game but the connection breaks many times by the start an you always don’t have the time till everything is loaded all over and over again. But if you have to go and could not doe the production. The next time its gone. Cant you till this is fixed, et us keep the toll production. Actually even if it is done this is not a good playing then there are many people who can not exactly predict there logins, for them the Game is “rubbish” because they will always loose there tools. I think the fact that the tools and money does not enter automatically will make already a hight difference between player witch can play the hoe time and player who still have something else to doe even if it is “just there family”.

    • innogames

      Hi Raymond,

      we forwarded this issue to our developers. Sorry for the inconvenience, our developers will fix this issue a.s.a.p.

  11. tring to buy more diamonds ,but i only get a white screen when i try to pull it up ,is there something wrong with system, please help,thanks

    • innogames

      Hi fuser88888,

      thank you for submitting your problem. We forwarded this issue to our developers. The will fix this problem a.s.a.p.

  12. Shootenanny

    On the left side of my screen, I received the message “you need 10 diamonds to collect all of your products. But I don’t have any diamonds anymore. Do I need to buy this or isn’t it necessary? ’cause I thougt it was also possible to play for free..

    • innogames

      Hi Shootenanny,

      this is a feature that we offer to all our players. By paing 10 diamonds we will collect all your produced products automatically. But of course the game is for free and you can collect all your products by yourself.

  13. Tiraks


    I love the game it is good.
    And i have question whether I one admin can be for the game.
    I have experience by the game Die-stämme.de i play the game 3 years.
    my speak is english and german. Will player are specified germany player.

    And a my problem is my news list always after up!

    • innogames

      Hi Tiraks,

      thank you for your interest in working with us. You can submit your application in the Applications section of our Forge of Empires Forum. We are looking forward to hearing from you there.

  14. tirauflant

    le plus gros défaut du jeux ces il y a pas de chat
    aucune discusion entre nous
    de plus si une autre personne nous attaque la personne intéressé (c’elle qui est attaqué ) ne se retrouve pas dans le combat ces un jeu vraiment moyen

  15. not bad game but flatten right out and gets boring. the timing for levels is wrong the times need after and in middle ages wrong not enough to do. Two few players. it’s close but not playable after few weeks

  16. KingNobbes

    Hallo ich komme seit tagen nicht mehr ins spiel rein.



  17. meusom

    Olá, eu sou braileiro e gostei muito do jogo. Existe um bug quando envio uma mensagem. Quando eu envio aparece “senha enviada com sucesso”. Não seria mensagem enviada com sucesso? Gostaria também de saber como faço para montar um fansite aqui no Brasil, se pretendem expandir o game para outras eras, e como posso evoluir no jogo sem diamantes, uma vez que uma missão do tutorial (treinar 3 lanceiros) necessita disso.

  18. sjoerdbos1996

    a very nice game! but how do you get forge points??

  19. yannoudesbois

    Hi, i have a probleme to connect to my compte, ( i can’t). It answers my that my username is uncorrect, so i dont’ understand. I hope we’ll find a solution.

    • innogames

      Hi yannoudesbois,

      sorry for the inconvenience. We know about this connection problems and we are working very hard to fix it. You can also find more information in our forum at: http://forum.fr.forgeofempires.com/
      As our developers constantly monitor the forum, they give you direct feedback there about problems and bugs being fixed.

  20. Hola si mira cundo quiero entrar a mi cuenta me dice Response Error no se que paso, acaso me la abran hakeado o están tratando de actualizar el juego y no dejan entrar a nadie?.


  21. Darren

    Can i reset and start again?

  22. Michael

    If I started a game and I don’t want to play anymore, so I want to unsubscribe now, how do I do that? Or can you unsubscribe me please.

    Hope you help me soon.

  23. Simon

    i can t login to the game.

    • innogames

      Hi Simon,

      we have some connection problems at the moment and our developers are working very hard to fix them. Here are some suggestions, how your connection problems might be fixed:
      1. Please try logging in via a different browser!
      2. Please clear the cache of your browser!
      3. Please stay at the Forge of Empires tab while loading the game!
      4. Please close other tabs before logging in to Forge of Empires!

  24. commio

    ciao a tutti, problema registrazione forum alla domanda casuale cosa scrivo? mi chiede il nome del gioco. altro problema se clicco su aggiungi diamanti compare pagina bianca.

  25. mickeydu62

    Bonjour je ne peut plus jouer car qaund je démarre le jeux je doit finir une bataille mais dès que je veux la finir, le jeux me dit qu’il y a une erreur. Que doit-je faire?

  26. Philip

    Can anybody help me starting the game? I try lo login, a new windows appear but nothing happends

    • innogames

      Hi Philip,

      we still have some minor connection problems at the moment. Our developers are working very hard to fix them. Here are some suggestions, how they might be fixed:

      1. Please try logging in with a different browser!
      2. Please clear the cache of your browser!
      3. Please stay at the Forge of Empires tab while loading the game!
      4. Please close other tabs before logging in to Forge of Empires!

      Does it work? You also can find additional help in our forum at: http://forum.es.forgeofempires.com/forum.php

  27. robert Zigler

    I have tried to log in to the verifing my e-mail and to receive my free 30 diamonds but the tab to push to have the reverify sent to my e-mail is not lighting up, I didn’t get the first one either.

  28. Igor

    Good day! Colleagues. Why can not I get on the site of his record in the game? I play Forge Empires office, and I can not get to the section – study. Why not? I go in the other sections. Thank you for your prompt response. IgorGrad.

  29. Andrzej Ziółkowski

    Hi, how can I get a contact with support? Two day ago I bought diamonds and I haven’t got them yet.
    Best regards,

  30. dorin


  31. MasterMatt

    Does anyone know how to get diamonds on Forge of Empires without paying?, if not i won’t be able to do a quest. :(

  32. MarkusFlava

    Hi Ive confirmed my email but have not received a code to retrieve my 30 diamonds, can anyone help please?

    • innogames

      Hi MarkusFlava,

      Thank you for your comment. If you still haven’t received your free diamonds, please write a support ticket by right clicking in-game and then selecting support.

  33. Mikael

    why can not I buy more diamonds? When I click on buy it only gets white on the screen??

    • innogames

      Hi Mikael,

      Sorry for the inconvenience. If you still have problems buying diamonds, please write a support ticket by right clicking in-game and then selecting support.

  34. Sigarda

    I really like play FoE, but I have one problem. I can´t write anything in game. But my friend log in same computer and his profile is ok, typing is working. Does anyone know where is problem?



  35. jordi2t

    This game is very slow. I have not got 20 years to play a game. And even less money to spend on a game so boring. I want to cancel my registration and cancel my data.

    • innogames

      Hi jordi2t,

      Thank you for your comment. Forge of Empires still a beta version; this is why we continue to work on improving the game and its performance.

  36. white knight legend


    Je me suis inscrit sur FOE, et le deuxiéme jours je n’arrive plus à me connecter. j’ai pourtant valider mon mail, mais pas moyen de me connecter au jeu.


  37. why cant i buy diamonds ?

    • innogames

      Hi sulla127,

      Sorry for the inconvenience. You can buy diamonds in the upper right corner of the screen, next to the diamonds indicator. If this isn’t working, please write a support ticket by right-clicking in-game and then selecting support.

  38. Forgeofempire , Dutch version is very often in error , very often I do not get response and have to wait extreem long before entering the game , even I play from Abroad Europe , at this moment my local time is 16.43 , which means 11.43 Belgian time morning , but entering the game is not succesfull today , but it is not only today , it is very often that there is communication faillure on the dutch version , for me the most dissapointing is that I do not have internet at home so I play this game in an internet pub outside my home and I have to pay each hour , played forge of empire or not , it does not matter , the clock is running and when you remark after one hour trying and doing my best to enter to have still not even one minute played the game is disapointening , I got mail to vote for best Browsergame and I voted but after voting everything started here to go wrong like usual when you have to go to an another place as the current game , the game faillures and takes enourmoustime before the game play You are busy to restart , avoid this in the future because this are reasons why players decide to start to play other games and do not play anymore this game
    Hope you ll solve it for once and for all ,

    Kind regards ,


  39. Fernando

    Giving me this error when I try to validate my email. Answer me please when possible. thanks

  40. mcd

    hey FoE crew i have my own website but its form belgium and i want to make reclame on my website, ok??

  41. stephen.andy

    So randomly my forge of empires account doesnt work. It has no record of my email or my username. I dont understand why this happened.

  42. mycroft laryea

    Hi my name is mycroft, i just find out that my brother use my checking card on this game forge of empires so if you may i will like to get my money back.

  43. Hello,
    I play this game [and I have also paid for Diamonds], and I like this game.
    But… can you please maybe make the “market” for all servers one, like so that I can buy from any server e.g. if I have profile in “East-Nagach” and no one sell “Wine” so that I can buy it on for e.g. “Arvhall”, it will make the game a bit more interesting… and some action! :) ppl will spend more time building more profiles and doing so more chance buying more Diamonds it’s a win win :)

    Thank you.

  44. vintagewheels

    Is FOE down right now? When I click on any of my worlds it only loads 60% then freezes.

  45. Paul

    hello, i have an account on forge of empires, when i want to enter from my pc it s possible but whe i want to check it from another pc doesen t work. i ve tried to change my pass & they tell me my id email isnt registerd, i ve tried all the things

  46. Robert A.Nix

    I am an American and I just started playing the Forge of Empires game Beta version recently and I love it!!! But I can not figure out why it will not let me buy Diamonds? It keep telling me that I need to buy Diamonds and I click on buy Diamonds now but when the window opens it is just a blank white big box with a black background and little X in the right top corner of the white big box, so does anyone know what I should do to be able to Buy Diamonds successfully please???? If you know what I am doing wrong how I should be trying to Buy Diamonds in the game then please e-mail me at rnix63@hotmail.com and tell me what I should do to fix my problem and I Say Thank You to anyone that is willing to help me!!!!!!

  47. omnipotent

    For starters I don’t play video games and this is the first online game I have ever played. It is an exciting experience playing Forge Of Empires. As you know we were playing a few different usernames and I apologize for the two of the names as I thought a web based game would be using cloud tech and didn’t have moderators. I was not supporting or aligning the usernames worlds with each other. Nor was I/we even battling others to grow. I didn’t fully read the rules and just learned how to play by trial and error as I went along the game, and taught my younger brothers and my father. However, I/we would like to continue playing but you banned some of our best achieving worlds in which one of I went from 60,000th place to about 3500th place in less than a week… and having never played this type game ever before I would believe that it is pretty good.

    Also there are some bugs in the game- I had purchased a new item, (i.e. Vineyard) and it took the required fees then as i click it into place there was a system error then the game would log out and the Vineyard was not in place and the fees still gone. This had happened more than once with more than one item.

    My father, my two brothers and I have been playing this since we found Forge Of Empires through a pop up at another web site. I created the two inappropriate named accounts for my brother and I. We would all like to remain active playing Forge Of Empires and are willing to change the usernames.

    I am writing in this blog as I tried to use the appeal link but was unsuccessful.

    Please advise via e-mail or in this blog as to how we could continue playing and if it is possible to get those worlds back.


    Added note: I do not allow my twin teen boys to use their personal e-mail information for public/international sites without my approval. The common word the the usernames you deemed inappropriate is our last name.

    R. Long

  48. stambolci

    Why now I can’t send message to any player,when I used to?
    Game ask me to validate my e-mail,but I already did when I start playing about weeks ago.
    Now “resend activation e-mail” button doesn’t work.
    I can’t build any building any more.

  49. Jin Otoko

    hello i have a problem verifying my email coz the button to click to Activate the code is grayed..so how can i get my 30 diamonds? please help and i don’t think this is a graphical bug because if it yes…then i can still click the button even the button is grayed out..but i can’t click it so how to fix it.?

  50. jeno the viking

    hi love the game but how do i use the inventory ?? i find myslf having to delete buildings that take ages to save for, so i can move things around would be much easier if i could store them some where thanks

  51. Nidi

    When I click on the add diamonds page I am getting a blank screen, is there another way to add diamonds to my account?

  52. ivo

    can you tell me why i didn’t get my missing expansions,when your team promised to give it back with next game update? that was 4 days ago. since then you made 2 or 3 updates,but i didn’t get my 3 expansions in my building menu. i didn’t get expansions for “bridges” research & for conquering Felssenke & Frathia. the game is not fun-playable any more when i can’t expand my city & advance.

  53. will

    I was wondering. I was logged in playing fine on Forge of Empires yesterday and today its like i don’t exist. The email i used or anything does not come back as a user. and the user i used says it doesn’t exist. anyone know the cause?

  54. cajungator

    I find myself not being able to support any grest buildings with froge points anymore????? whats going on?

  55. High Priestess (game name)

    Hi, I recently purchased a diamond package ( 6500 for $63.99) that was 2 days ago, I charged the purchase and my credit card company called to verify and approve purchase, however I have yet to receive diamonds purchased. Can you please help.

  56. lynn

    i had problems for the activation my email to get the 30 diamonds
    Also i can’t proceed further my game,
    have not get any e-mail of the activation code Please help
    Thank you

  57. P4Diddz

    hallo ich habe mich vor ein paar wochen registriert und möchte es auch spielen nur heist es dauern das ich adobe runterladen soll das habe ich jetzt schon zum 20 mal gemacht und es funtioniert immer noch nicht

  58. Cassandra of Troy

    How do I log in with my player name and password?

  59. Roberto affonso da Costa Junior

    For my OS (ubuntu x64) has no Flash Player 11.3 or higher. How do I keep playing?
    Thank you.

  60. I can log in but I can not open any worlds. I have been playing for several months and I Last played successfully on Friday Jan.27th 2013 and I was ill and did not try to log back in again until Yesterday and Today, Wed. and Thur. Jan.30th and Jan. 31st But since Yesterday I can log in but I can not open any of my worlds what is wrong???? Can anyone please help me????? My name is Robert Nix and my e-mail address is rnix63@hotmail.com Please e-mail me and let me know what is wrong and is there anything that I can do????? I would Greatly appreciate any help that I can get!!!!!! Thank You!!!!!! Robert Nix

  61. tim

    How do I reset the username. I’ve forgotten mine I’ve only used it once. I don’t spend a lot of time on-line.

  62. barry

    ok i am a world player of this game and have a question about it, is there a best time to polish / motivate to recieve BP as i polished / motivated 54 buildings at 1 city then a further 61 at another city then 56 at another city and not 1 BP in sight

  63. eitra

    Is there somewhere to get instructions? IE: moving men in battle ,, using weapons etc.

  64. JadeToast

    I have participated in several Iron Age Tower Touraments but my name does not appear nor the medals I’ve won. Please advise. TY

  65. labriegers

    Comment contacter le service technique pour présenter un problème fonctionnel?

  66. Camelot

    How do you input the titles e.g: Leader, Guild Master, Royal Queen, Free Citizen, Patrician etc under a player’s name who is a member of the Guild?

    The player who created the Guild had quitted the Guild abruptly.

    Is it possible to delete a game account and where do players find this information?

    Btw, some of my units, e.g: a stone thrower, was pass over by the server when it was its turn to either attack on an enemy or make a move during a battle. Can the game developers look into this matter and get rid of the bug in the game in order to restore the advantage to the player during the battle?

  67. Je souhaite supprimer totalement mon compte, où puis-je le faire, je ne trouve pas de lien qui me permette de le faire.

  68. Renato

    I bought an expansion that costs $4800 and, when I tried to move an object over there, occurred an “internal error”, then, the game reloaded and neither, the expansion and the money, were there. In other words, I lost both of then.

  69. EITRA

    ready to quit. Cant expand to build more to get more people. I seem to be at a deadend. Any advice?

  70. abraham

    hola siento molestra pero es que estoy teniendo muchos problemas con lo del codigo de activacion he probado varios emails y solo me llega un link que me lleva otra vez a la pagina principal y ahora ya no me deja construir hasta que lo active porfavor ruego una solucion

  71. Amanda

    My goods are gone! Help!!

  72. armand GRELLET (armanus) pour le jeu

    je viens d’acheter 750 diamants pour 9.90 euros,payés avec le paypal de ma fille qui a comme Email (carolegrellet@orange.fr).le compte a été débité,mais je n’ai pas reçu les fameux diamants; Pouvez vous corriger le problème où nous rembourser .merci !en attente d’une confirmation par email! Grellet armand.

  73. DeVaneVanga

    Hi, me new here in this game.
    And the Problems start, i play the beta on Dinegu Germany.
    And i dont see any Support Page, Support E-Mailadress etc.
    1. first bronce age tournament me was 2. Place (5 medaills)
    Yesterday is was 1. in bronce age (10 Medaills) and 1. in iron age (20 Medaills)
    = 35 Medails. i saw that after the tournament was over. And i also saw my name was shown as winner in both tournaments…
    Now 1 day after that new tournament is started, BUT in both ages are other currently winner (BUT sure me won both!!!)
    And now me just have 25 Medaills… WTF is wrong or what is changed.

    2. Fail programming i think: yesterday i saw first time that my ressources can be “spoilage”!!! WTF?
    If a player isnt often online and he want his resources and he see they are spoilage… u think they will play this game anymore…? normal he get just his 1 production AND next production will go on, if he click a new… so if he isnt often, he dont get a new production… so thats real okay! often on = more production… not often on = less production… BUT nothing because its spoilaged, than he dont need to play with no advance for more!!!
    Few hours not on and ressources are spoilage. Thats game and fun ruining!!!
    And i thought just fruit and meal can be “spoilage”…
    But also my rest, stuff and tools… heeee, whats that??? not realistic!!!
    I think for this u lose much player if u dont cancel this senseless “spoilage”…

    3. Where i can read something about the game…
    Tips, what buildings are ingame, what units i can build later (stats) and and and… all about this…

    At the end, i m sorry for my bad english :-P
    And if there is an information page for this ingame features and i didnt saw that, me also sorry for that :-))

  74. bonjour , depuis hier soir imposible de me connecté sur mes 4 compte
    “” arvahall , cirgard , brisgard et east-nagash “” ??
    pendant le chargement du jeu , cela s arrete à 60 pourcent du chargement ??
    je suis toujours embeté , dans mais connection , car je suis conducteur d autocar en grand tourisme , je travail sur toute la france et l europe
    et je me connecte en wifi partout et cela marche assez bien , sauf que la ??
    c la misère , merci à vous de reglé ce probleme au plus vite
    car , cela me pose de gros souci :-(


  75. Es un juego precioso, y es una pena, estoy con mas de 100.000 puntos y lo voy a dejar, perfiero gastarme el dinero en juegos que no me puedan saquear, estoy deacuerdo en los ataques, porque pierdo recursos, por las medallas, y el otro no pierde, pero que me esten saquendo a cada dos por tres por vecinos de bastante mas puntuacion con saqueos, no es de mi agrado, estoy viendo ya a muy amenudo, jugadores con 70 y 80.ooo ptos. dejar el juego, un desastre… pra el que quiera gastarse el dinero en este juego, que se lo piense primero…..

  76. Denis

    Whay you don`t make a Forge of Empaire android app!?!?!

  77. haedar

    There was a player with over 400k points & over 1k battles, & my Daily Plunderer. He also wait to do it.
    But today i saw him not on my neighbors bar anymore & saw him is loosing his number of battles (reset to zero) & he’s now down to BA from CA.
    Explain to me how is that can be, please, anyone..
    Honestly feels too happy & amazed, but also wondering the cause

  78. dutchdevil10

    when i try to open the game i get the message password incorrect.
    i have changed my password but i still get that message.
    what have i done wrong?
    please get back to me asap!

  79. how do i delete my account

  80. Franco

    hola, he invitado a unos amigos a jugar al Forge of Empires utilizando el botón invitar amigos, ellos ya han alcanzado la edad de hierro y a mi no me han llegado los diamantes de recompensa, que puedo hacer o que paso?

  81. Berenie

    Tell me please, how can I delete my profile here?
    Thank you.

  82. Chris

    Hello…im having a problem every time i log in it goes to the first loading screen where it says Inno games andafter that it does nothing why is it doing that

  83. bellunum

    Sono italiano. Suggerisco di aggiungere dei mod alla chat.

  84. hola amigos de forge of empires yo juego este juego y quisiera preguntarles si me pudieran devolver mi cuenta como estaba es que miren en mi cuenta de usuario llamada chilakil hiba en la edad de hierro y pues deje de jugar por 1 mes y volvi a jugar y se me borro todo por favor les ruego que si me ayudan

  85. gosheila

    it is a great game. until you get banned. as hundreds of us did because we happen to share wifi with other players. They have no way of distinguishing between people who cheat by creating multiple accounts and regular people who happen to use the same computer. kinda primitive. But that’s how they do business. Cheating is huge with them. probably the most important thing.

  86. Xantippe

    How do I report players who’ve several accounts to help one another over the other palyers?
    This is cheating, and against the rules.
    One guy has at least six accounts.
    I find no link for this.

  87. Jonas

    Ich finde es doof das man fuer fast alles diamanten einsetzten kann dan ist das spiel fiel schneler geschaft

  88. Maik

    ich bekomme immer nur blaupausen von gebäuden die ich schon gebaut habe

    könnt ihr das mal abschaffen

  89. Taeyeong

    do you need to pay money? or is it completely free?

  90. liam

    I was looking for the history of Forge Of Empires (or FOE) and I found this and was surprised by how many people were playing Forge Of Empires. I am one of the people who play Forge Of Empires and I just want to say that this game is great and to thank all of the people who keep Forge Of Empires a safe place and keep the game up and running properly.

  91. flatline1

    I have been playing for a couple weeks, the game is entertaining but the amount of other players in the world i’m in has reduced from 70+ to less than 10. it makes trading goods very difficult is there a way to move my city to another world so I don’t have to start over, thank you

  92. hi, so I’m into early middle ages and I’m trying to join a guild with friends, from the real world, but when the go to invite me, it says I don’t exist, when I go to invite them, it says they don’t exist. But all of us, and our accounts, very much exist! what do I do? do I have to start a new world?? Please help!!!!!!!!!

  93. SQUIRE

    cannot get on my almost iron age world I type in password and name and it does not work please fix

  94. Please, please make the “Trades” screen sortable by category. I like to see all trades I can I perform, but in order of their lucrativity, importance. sorting by all categories would be awesome!

  95. isaque moraes da costa

    would be great if you had to fight monsters such as werewolves, vampires and other lycanthropes as a man-lion, man, mouse, cat-man, man-boar etc … I guarantee that was the very but very successful! ‘m from Brazil and I like the forging of empires and I still like but if lycanthropes and vampires! :)

  96. Christian H.

    Hello there and thanks for a fun game. Is there a limit to how many diamons you can buy, or how much real money you can spend? It’s clan wars now, and I have the money to spend, but I get an error (from global collect) when trying to buy. I have tried several credit/debet cards, and they all have money on them. It still works with sms, but thats way to expensive in the long run.

  97. rogeriods

    I would like to know how can i denounce/complaint about forum moderators actions. They keep abusing theyre position, sometimes deleting forum threads, other times closing threads, with no reasonable reason to do so.

  98. Hi. I am enjoying the game and have been playing for about a month or so. One suggestion I would like to make concerns the control panel area at the bottom left of the screen. When a message comes in, that block pulses a golden color, however it is not that much of a difference from the regular icon colors so can be easily overlooked. Could you change the notification to glow a different color, such as red, green, blue, etc…..something that will stand out more?

  99. It is a slap in the face for all of us who have been playing Forge Of Empires for you to modify our great buildings. We worked or purchased diamonds to build these structures and those who would not or have not complain and you cut out our advantage. I play in all 8 worlds i have a Zeus in 5 of those worlds, I worked my butt off to get these buildings, and yes… I got attacked by people who already had buildings, but instead of crying about it i played the game and got my own. now people complain about it and instead of defending those of who worked for our advantage you basically take it away. So maybe the max forge points to accomplish level 9 should also be reduced to 100, after all you ask to much for a building that may give you 25% boost after youve invested months to get it.

  100. Naegi

    It’s game for free???

  101. Tim

    Hi ! I m in iron age and did’t get even one forge point yet!!

  102. Lott

    Hi Innogames,
    so I haven’t played the game in over a year, but I had a big city and was somewhere in the late medieval Age.. Now I’m logging in with the same username and all of a sudden I have start all over again… :S that’s pretty annoying, can I please get my city back??
    Kind regards,

  103. David H

    I have purchased diamonds but they have not been added to the game. I have an iTunes receipt and if I go into the game it tells me that need to be downloaded. Problem is nowhere tells me how. Pretty poor instructions for your main revenue source on this game.
    Very frustrating, wisk I’d not bothered now.

  104. carlos solis

    tengo problemas cada vez que intento abrir el juego sale el mismo comentario en la barra de carga,¨ problemas al cargar shared/icons/icons¨.
    sabrian que puedo hacer

  105. Grimlock2123

    Why is there no way to contact Innogames Customer Service while in-game? Some of the “moderators” seems to be lacking the knowledge that only an Innogame rep would be able to respond to…or perhaps they’re only moderators for the benefit and really could care less about taking the time to research and properly answer a question.

  106. Nedstark666

    Why when I click on my town hall does nothing happen. I can’t get it to open

  107. Ismael Ulises

    Hello, I would like to know how can I change my username, I really don’t like the one I have, I just filled it up quikly when I was asked, I signed up with my facebook account, I don’t know how to change it, can you please help me with that? Thanks a lot!

  108. xmen

    Hi All,

    I have been playing this game for over 3 months. Would like to know if any real money we will get by playing it just like other online games which will give you money for playing number of hours… i am playing at least 4 hrs a day but losing interest as it s not giving any real money and time taking.


  109. Karissa Goldinger

    I have an account and I can log into it on my iPad but I can’t on my PC. I am using the same player name and password but it is just not working.

  110. Fordson77

    Hi there
    Have been playing the game for a about six weeks, now in high middle ages. I have a suggestion regarding the game. It would be very useful to have a clipboard function so that you can redesign the layout of your city, as to progress in the game you learn about better layouts. It is very tedious using the move function to move one building but if two smaller things are in the way (decorations) you can’t move there without re-organising loads of other things. Many thanks for a great game.

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